Monday, April 9, 2012

Family Time!

    I don't know where to begin!!! I realize that I have been slacking on my blogging here, but I'm a busy girl ;) and not much to right about lately, but I have a feeling there is gonna be more blogs coming more recently :-)
   This past weekend I was able to be with my family for Easter!!! I was so happy to have this chance!
   Tyler and I left from school on Friday morning to go West Virginia where my brother goes to school and my sister, Ashley and my parents would be meeting us there for the weekend.  It was only a 5 hours drive so it wasn't bad at all!  We stayed on campus that weekend in a lodge they have. It's kinda like a mini hotel, but not as fancy but it was just perfect for us!
The Lodge

The Lobby of the lodge

    Once me and Tyler arrived, my brother, Doug took us around the campus and showed us around since neither of us had ever been there before.  I absolutely loved ABC's campus!!! So nice and "smaller" than BJU.  A lot less students, everyone knows each other rather than walking all over campus all day and not knowing most of the people you pass on the sidewalk each day.
   Later Friday night, once my parents and sister arrived we got ready and went to an Easter concert that the school had. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect with it being such a small school and stuff, but it was amazing!!! Incredible music and everything!!

They had a little children's choir and it was so cute!

Hand bell Choir

Chorale did a FANTASTIC Job!!!

Men's staff group.

   On Saturday we got moving and went out to IHOP for breakfast! :) we then did a litlle shopping to get a few things at the mall and Wal-Mart.  Then we got to go to the New River Gorge. It's basically like a state park thingy and it is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Surrounded by mountains, walking paths in the woods and also this huge man-made bridge that is a big tourist thing.
God's beautiful creation!

My Family :)

The bridge

My brother and the mountains

The bridge again ;)

    We then left there and went to a really cool mini golf place. It wasn't like a super big attraction type thing, just a random course that some random guy made but it was definitely one of the coolest mini golf courses I've ever been too!

    Sunday was Easter and we got to go to the church where my brother goes and then we went out to lunch :) we then packed up and all went our separate ways :( It was a great weekend but oh so fast!!!

haha Doug just loved that he got to sit with me in the backseat so much... this gains you the privilege of many pics with your sis ;)

first family picture of all of us with Tyler :)

A favorite!

Different pose

The kids :)

Easter basket from my mommy and daddy

    Now classes have begun again  :(   but........ only 25 more days!!!! I cam back to school a little discouraged about some stuff but I had a wonderful package from my 2nd family!!! The Kurty's have been so good to me the past 4 years and have become a part of my life! i don't know where I would be without them!!!! <3 you guys and can't wait to see you!!!!!

God has been toooooooo Good to me!!!! I have truly been blessed more than I deserve!

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