Sunday, January 29, 2012

Picture Day!!!!!

So yesterday I had the privilege to do a "mini photo shoot" with some of my friends at school :)  These girls are roommates and the best of friends and were so fun to be with yesterday!!! Flossie is a senior, her sister, Tricia is a freshman (and my bestest friend!), and Priscilla is a junior.  They wanted to get some Valentine's Day pictures taken to make photo valentine's with :) How Fun!!!!!!!! and Oh my!!!!! The Lord gave them a BEAUTIFUL day for it!!!!!!!!!!! January 28th and it feels like a warm spring day!!! I really enjoyed getting to do this because I've been finding a joy in getting into a little photography for a side hobby :) hope you enjoy a little taste of our day!!!!!!

Beautiful Girls inside and out!

Pretty in PINK!






So these pictures got really weird and I couldn't move them around very well, but I hope you liked them!!! :-)

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