Friday, February 24, 2012

19 Years of ME!!! ~ God has Been TOO GOOD

That's right, this world has been blessed with my presence here for 19 years!!!!!!!! haha jk. But yes, Yesterday, February 23, I turned 19 years old! Crazy to think about!

I had a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!!!! My parents surprised me last weekend for my birthday and it was fantastic!!!! Friday night we had a "birthday party" at the hotel complete with a home-made cake and presents!!! Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures that whole weekend : ( oh well, we still have awesome memories that will NEVER be forgotten!!! I have been blessed to have the absolute greatest parents a girl could ask for.  They have been diligent in making sure that I'm dong what's right and being a servant of the LORD!

These are a few of the presents that my parents and sister brought for me :)

           A dress that I got to pick out for my birthday!!!!! I love it and can't wait to wear it!!!!!

                             My AMAZING Cookie's 'n' Cream Cake they brought from home!!!!

This is my totally awesome motion censored candy machine that Tyler Got me!!!! Yeah, I got the greatest Brother in law ever!!!!!

Yesterday for my actual birthday I was spoiled by my friends ;)  I don't like much attention on myself on my birthdays but Tricia did her best ;) and I love her for that!  On Friday Evening we had dinner on campus at the snack shop and had some of the greatest chicken quesadillas (sp?) that I Have ever tasted! :) we then waited for Tricia's sister Flossie to get off of work and then we went to Yogurt Mountain!!!!!!! This was my first time there and absolutely loved it!!! They also got a book that I can not wait to start using today!!!!!!!

Later Thursday night my roommate Rachel surprised mt with a giant cookie for our prayer group for my birthday!! ;) It was sooooo nice of her!!! and it was soooooooo yummy!!!

Rachel also surprised me that morning with the sweetest Birthday Poem!!!!! It almost made me cry!!!

My other roommate Ashley made some awesome signs for our hallway and also surprised me with an adorable bracelet!!!

This morning (Friday) I was surprised with a birthday card int he mail from family friends and also a package from one of my besties at home, Michaela!!!!!!! It was so sweet of her!!!!!

I've been blessed beyond words here at school and con not thank my GOD enough!!!! All Glory to HIM!

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