Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Busy Tuesday..... Least Favorite Day of the Week

So today was the first Tuesday that I had to experience my Tuesday schedule.  Didn't realize 'till last night how crazy of a day it would be... and that it was.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m. got a shower and got ready for my day, had Old Testament Messages at 8 a.m. (so hard to stay awake!) then right after that I had a Fundamentals of Art Class in the SAME room like 2 rows back from my first seat.  So, that kinda makes it seem like FOREVER.  That class ended at 9:50 and I arrived at work at 10:15.  I am working at the campus daycare and today was my first day of working! I was there until 2 p.m. and I really loved working there with the babies!!!!! Kinda a nice get - away from classes :) I then left from work and had a Physics class from 2:30-4 and directly leave that class and go to Physics lab until 6 p.m.  So yeah, kinda a busy/stressful day for me! I normally only have 3 maybe four classes a day and that's it!  That was a big adjustment for me today, but by God's grace, I made it out alive ;)
I was dreading having to go to Lab today cuz I was just soooooo tired!!!! But it turned out to be a GREAT experience for me!!!! Such a God-Thing kinda ;) So, I go into class sit at a random table and a girl sat next to me.  We exchanged first names and then just quietly sat waiting for class to start.  When the teacher was taking attendence, he asked for Tricia Koeching... then a few people later, Emily Wagner.  We both looked at each other and was soooooo surprised to actually have met each other!!!! ...taking a couple steps back here.... This summer a facebook page was created for all the freshmen that would be attending BJU this year and it was a nice way to kinda meet new people who were all going thru the same freshmen worries and concerns and such.  Me and Tricia became "friends" and stuff on FB.  We have the same pajor, both live in PA and it was just sooooo cool that today we got to actually meet each other in person!!! We got to be lab partners and then went for dinner after class!!!!!!

I just love how on the rough days, God provides ways to cheer us up and keep us joyful for him!!!!!!!!!! <3

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  1. Like, Like, Like!! I love your attitude! I'm glad you have made yet another friend! That is what college is about, new people, new things. Keep up the good work!! Love ya!