Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cozy Coffee College Day :)

It's been a while since I've posted but I've been busy this week!  I'm okay with beening busy tho :)  I've had a wonderful relaxing weekend since I got all my work done on Friday so I was able to hang out with friends all day yesterday!!!  I was able to enjoy Volleyball and Soccer games Friday and Saturday nights and today I enjoyed church service and Sunday luch with friends and also meeting some new people!
Before I came to college I was extremely worried about meeting new people and now I can't evening begin to count the new friends I've made while I have been here.  As I sat in Sunday School this morning listening to my fellow Sister "Bandits" (our society) in Christ sharing how God has been working in their lives through some minor and serious struggles that they have had to go through it just makes me evaluate my life and realize that my life really isn't that bad at all!!! I complain about soooooo much but there are people everywhere who would do anything to have some of the blessing that God has given me!!
This past week tho I've been placed in some situations that have been a real struggle to me and I have found myself just struggling with understanding WHY all of this is happening to me!?!?! But then I think back and try to figure out WHAT I am suppossed to be learning from this.  I'm learning a lot of things while here at school.... and not just through my text books and teachers ;)
This afternoon I've been able to do a lot of reflecting back on my own life and see how WONDERFUL God has been to me!  He's given me parents that would do ANYTHING for me, I have a great sister, even tho we have our rough spots, we still love each other and I'm so looking forward to how much closer God is going to bring us together in these next few years of "growing" in each of our lives!  I have the most amazing brother who can make just about anyone smile and I have the dearest grandmother who has done a lot throughout my life to help me in many defferent areas of life!!!!  God has given me some AWESOME mentors (which are more like family to me :-) who are always willing to help me grow and are always so interested in hearing about what I'm learning about God!!!
God has blessed me in so many more ways that I just can't begin to list it all!!!! <3  I don't thank God enough for the blessings I have :(
I'm really looking forward to the next years that God has planned out for me and I know that whatever struggles I'm going throught is all part of His glorious plan for me!!!
Me and some friends at an Ice Cream Social Friday Night!

It was 50's themed and these were our "soda guys" :)

Soccer games with my new friend Tricia!!!!!!! I'm soooooooo glad I met this dear girl! She's been a blessing to me already and it's only been 2 weeks!

Me and Ashley at Volleyball games Saturday Night!

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  1. Love the update! I knew you wouldn't have a problem making friends! :-) Keep growing and being sensitive to what God wants to teach you! Love ya!!