Wednesday, October 5, 2011


< Me and Ashley freezing at the soccer games Saturday

So it's been a while since my last post, but I guess that's a good thing since I've been busy!  This past weekend were so full of fun and crazy experiences for me! Thursday we had a Vespers here at school.  It was AMAZING!  It was a short play about a Romanian man who escaped his home to get to America.  He later on in life got saved adn now lives here with his family in Greenville!!!  The man was actually here at school that night and it was really neat.


Jenn, Emily, Ashley and Sarah

On Friday, BJU hosted the Washington Center Field Day.  It's basically a thing for children with special needs and they come and do little games and activities and such.  Since I am an Education Major I was required to help with it.  I walked around with a girl named Christina.  She was 12 years old, in 7th grade and couldn't do much of anything.  It broke my heart because she was just so pleasent the whole day!!! Her favorite thing to do was go listen to the music.  She likes anything with music/noise playing!

Me and Tricia at Washington Center Field Day

Christina and the flute she was playing with

The busses full of kids arriving Friday morning

The rest of the weekend was jammed full of studying, shopping with friends, and just trying to enjoy myself :)  My sister's fiance offered to take me and some of my friends out shopping on Saturday and we really enjoyed that!

Me, Tricia, and Ashley at Plato's Closet

Me and Alyse at Wal Mart

Then came Monday and I was beginning to REALLY stress out!!!! I had two big tests on Tuesday and was just extremely nervous about them :/ I studied for HOURS on Monday... every free second I had, I was down in the study lounge.  I came up to my room at about 9:30 and within 10 minutes I recieved an encouraging message from my mom just letting me know she was praying for me and I also got a phone call from my brother!!  If you don't know my brother at all, then this probably is wierd that I was so excited. haha He's not one for just picking up the ohone and calling his sister... but that night he did! we talked for about a half hour and it was great!!! i love and miss him so much!!!!

Throughout all of this craziness, I've been doing a lot of "random" thinking about how great my God really is!! I hear things all the time about Him and His wonderful deeds, but sometimes I don't take into thought on how AMAZING it really is!!!! I hear testimonies of people's lives every week and it's just so awesome to see that God is still at work in His people every day!!!! MY GOD truely is INDESCRIBABLE!!!!!! As I was thinking about this I was just in awe of how true it is... yes, God is awesome, and mighty, and extrordinary and the list could go on, but nothing really describes Him perfectly!!!! He's so great and powerful and amazing that it really is just Indescribable!! I feel like I'm just babbling now, but I just feel so overwhelmed by this :)

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